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Do you believe lawmakers will settle on budget cuts and taxes before we hit the "fiscal cliff?"


Most economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal don't expect harsh spending cuts to take effect in January. They put the odds at less than 20% that a standoff among lawmakers would trigger all the spending reductions and expiration of tax cuts. Most anticipate a temporary agreement that just kicks the can down the road for a few months. But uncertainty over the "fiscal cliff" looms over hopes for growth in the U.S. economy this fall. Do you think we'll hit the cliff?

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  • If Obama wins re-election, he'll let the "Bush tax cuts" expire, and then subsequently begin negotiations with the Republicans. Exactly what'll come out of those negotiations is hard to say. But I think that, from Obama's point of view, another recession is a worthwhile price to pay for raising taxes on the evil rich.

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  • When I win, we will not hit the cliff.

    I will get enough weak willy er Blue Dog Donks in the Senate to cave to at least get the military budget increased. Then I start issuing executive orders on the tax side.

    With the Supremes in my pocket, they'll all be upheld, and I'll make a ton of money for the producer-class, tax free. Watch me.

    Remember: one term for the Kenyan! GOP/capital-strike, just like in Atlas Shrugged.

    Hail Victory! Hail Victory!


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    Answered---No. However, they will ensure a "Softer Landing" than is being hyped for negotiating purposes.

    Remember--Just because they Passed Legislation and the President Signed It---Neither side will feel constrained to follow what they have written as if it were a "Law."


  • I hope that I am wrong, but I am afraid that from now to January, the lawmakers will not settle on budget cuts and taxes because after the high pressure these elections generated in Washington, more than one continue dizzy... However, they have to do!!!


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    Republicans want to save Bush tax cuts & defense industry expenditures. So they will agree but will demand that the poorest of the poor shed some blood for Republican Tea Party.

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  • The democrats demand more taxes. They will go to the extreme to get them. Blaming the republicans for not helping, that is a given. If the republicans cave or block I think that they will loose the House in 2 years. So the democrats get the taxes and most likely the house. The republicans are in a true no win spot. So why not just go along with the democrats over the top spending & taxing plan to show how cooperative republicans can be. The democrats will clearly own the fiscal train wreck, it will be pain full but then the republicans may have a much better shot at picking up the peaces not tared by the accusation of obstruction politics. No pain no change.


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    It is time to stop the Republican propaganda machine. The Government, as measure by Government employees to general population ratio is the smallest in last 70 years. We can cut taxes on the rich, stop taking care of the infrastructure, keep on increasing the difference between the richest and the poorest, but it will come at a very high cost. We will become a third world nation. Look at any poor nation. The poor are really poor but the rich are filthy rich. There is no infrastructure. Govt employees are poor and take bribes openly to survive. Crime is high. Is that what you want in this country? Those of the consequences of when rich don't want to pay to maintain infrastructure and a healthy society. We can see the consequences of colonial era in third world countries. We have seen the results of feudalism. We have seen the results of gilded age. Do you really want that to come back where rich lived in huge mansions in town like Newport, Rhode Island, and the poor hunted for food. Please look at our own history and the world history and work towards a balanced educated society and not a society where the rich are extreme rich and the poor are extreme poor.


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